This is a hand made, OOAK (one of a kind) miniature dragon, sculpted without the use of molds in any sense or in any aspect.

Penelope is one of my "Dragonlings" series, and is a sweet and delicate little dragon sculpture. She measures just a smidge over 3 inches tall. Her wingspan is about 4 inches. Her eyes are genuine cultured freshwater pearls, that have been set into the clay and covered with a glossy clear paint.

She was sculpted with a mixture of Kato Poly clays, over a strong wire armature, and her wings are made with fantasy film and wire, which makes them highly flexible and colorful with a delightful iridescence.

She was hand painted with quality iridescent powders and her body has been delicately blushed and shaded all over to lend a sense of realism and movement. She has been painted with a satin clear coat to help protect her. She has delicate blue-purple speckles all over her back, that are very subtle, but add so much character. They were very hard to capture on film, due to how subtle they are.

Sold to a private collector.