Leilani: Bohemanian Fairy

Leilani is a hand made, OOAK (one of a kind) fairy, which I sculpted without the use of molds in her sitting position to the top of her head she measures a mere 4 inches. From her head to the tips of her toes, she measures just 10 inches. The width of her wings is 12 inches at the widest point.

She was sculpted with a mixture of Prosculpt clays, over a strong wire armature, and her hair is a lustrous and deep burgundy color with rich highlights that gleam in the light, created from Tibetan lamb hair. Due to her being a little bohemian at heart that adores to skip through the salty waves in the golden sun, her hair is wild and untamed, true to her carefree gypsy nature. She has a genuine sapphire gemstone belly jewel.

She was hand painted with quality Genesis heat set paints and her body has been delicately blushed and shaded with a combination of PearlX powders to give her iridescent bronze coloring that shifts in the light and gives her a deep and luxurious glow. Her eyes are a sparkling and glittery emerald green framed with real eyelashes.

The wings are amazingly flexible and can be manipulated in several ways and are also iridescent and shimmer and change in the light. They have a unique feature in that I designed them to be removable - for better shipping and WITHOUT leaving unsightly holes in the back if her owner desires to have her be an elf maiden rather than a faery! The wings attach via a magnet in the wings, which also gives them the ability to attach on her in other positions as the magnet will attach to her inner armature wire, like a little "fairy-bug" friend!

Sold to a private collector.

Leilani: Bohemanian Fairy