Sooo glad to be moving!

Okay so this year has just sucked booty.

And I do not mean that in a good way.

From power hungry back stabbing drama mongers trying to drag me into their little melodramas of doom, to work being a pisser (and I simply *have* no words), to having a SECOND house we are renting being foreclosed on us with absolutely NO warning (nice landlady, nice. May your karma hit you and you actually learn something from your selfish and greedy behaviors), it’s just been a very very hard and sucky year.

Granted it *is* a blessing to be leaving this hovel … we never meant to stay as long as we did, we were just trying to find *anything* after the bank took over the last house we were in. But it sucks to be told weeks before Christmas, guess what – you have 60 days to leave.

So we choose to look at it as an early Christmas present!

Yes! A brand new place to live! Yay!

And maybe finally to put the bad luck streak far far behind us LOL.

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A new love ACEOs!

Yes! I think I might be, after such a long painful journey – coming back to myself.

I used to draw something, a doodle, a study – every day. I did it like from the time I was 4-5 until I hit around 20 – where it tapered off and I realized … I was blocked.

I “seriously” draw in bursts – with a ton of playing in between, so I can go for months and then I’m vomiting art everywhere. Each time I’ve make a leap in skill level, so I liked it. Sometimes it would go on a LONG time, but it always came back. Always.

But at some point I realized …. it wasn’t coming back.

I pretty much stopped drawing – even the doodles stopped for YEARS. Those that knew me from the age of 5-23 … know how much a big deal that is. I didn’t start trying to force myself to reconnect until I was in my mid thirties.

And it has been really hard. What used to be so easy – it’s so hard now. Or it was. Sculpting brought me back in touch with some of it, and the last three years has seen me waaaaaaaay more productive than the last 17 where I did well, nothing pretty much.

Enter ACEOs. Now, they are NOT new to me. Not at all. I’ve been looking at them and even collected a few that drew me. But last weekend, I was bitten. Odd that it is NOW I get bit, but there you have it. ACEOs are now something that I’m getting just mad about.

What is an ACEO you ask? ACEO stands for Art Cards, Editions and Originals and are always 2.5″ x 3.5″ (trading card sized) works of art. They are a great way to collect or trade art. They are easily displayed in albums or matted and framed. They also make great gifts! 🙂

I am attracted to them because I still can’t do a BIG piece. I am still reaching for that connection inside myself that I used to spill out of my pores lol, but something small? It intrigues me. It fascinates me. ACEOs are only 2.5 x 3.5 – So it’s less of a commitment. It dwells on the edge of throwaway art – the kind I always did, but now people are collecting this and other artist are seriously working in that scale!

Anyway – I couldn’t find my prismacolor sets or most of my 2d art stuff except my papers ( I’m a paper hoarder lol ) some pencils and rapidographs. I have sooooooo much 2d supplies and I have NO idea where any of it is. That is SUCH a sad state of affairs. Seriously.

So I had to go buy myself a few pieces yesterday – like a starter 12 pencil prismacolor set ( cuz the cheapo pencils I bought to use at first just suck a$$) to replace alll those pencils I collected over the decades but can’t seem to find right now. I also found some white India ink (OMG! It was right there – with COLORS! I remember when trying to find a store that carried that was impossible and there it is! Heck I remember when they didn’t HAVE that!) because I’ve seen how so many artists use that and do such lovely stuff with it (the colored inks will come later, oh yes! lol).

I haven’t been THAT excited buying colored pencils and inks and seeing what new stuff is out there (colorless blender pencils for helping to blend prismacolors??? ooo yes please! I’d like to play with that! LOL) since I was like in my late teens. LOL.

I seriously thought that I’d never feel that way again.

I grabbed some Kryon workable fixative, because I’ve found artist groups and forums devoted to colored pencil art (and WOW – have I learned a lot!) and while “back in the day” I used to use hairspray … evidently that yellows and the big CP (colored pencils) artists recommend a workable fixative to add tooth and to help prevent wax blooms ( which I knew about but didn’t realize there was a term for!).

I also learned that you need a good sharpener or, you can destroy your pencils. Well okay I guess I knew that because how many pencils have I chewed away to nub in a sharpener? Turns out I just needed a better sharpener!! And that issue with the leads breaking and falling out? Turns out you can NUKE your pencil in a microwave for 4-20 seconds and it will fuse the lead! And that you should be gentle with the pencils so you don’t break the leads – OMG! Gentle I have never been with my colored pencils, LOL! Well now I know better, hehe.

I know that I will learn a lot more too. Soooo anyway – I did my first ACEO. It’s … okay.

I posted it on ElfWitch – so you can see it there. I just decided to post about this new reawakening on the Mother Site because it was so generalized in many ways and because it laps over all my sites.

I guess I’m seeing this site as the one stop gets all, in that the other sites are to serve as ways for me to present various forms of art that I do, but this one presents them all and maybe a spot for me to blab as a person and artist as well.

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New! Dragonling listed!!!

Check out Rourke on Dragonlings – he is my newest Dragonling and SO cute!!

And he is listed on eBay:

Thanks for looking!!

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I really want this bad streak to be over.

Ever have that period of time where EVERYTHING goes to hell? Enter my life for the past year.

Now the most drama-free place I’ve ever had that was always positive and joyous and a wonderful place to visit is filled with angst, strife, drama, and bizarre hostility out of the blue.

It just sucks.

I want something to work – just one little thing – without it getting all weird and icky.

It can’t last FOREVER, right? Least that is what I keep chanting anyway. LOL.

I’m just so tired of fighting just to stay in place. I don’;t want a LOT. Just a normal placid life. lol.

Well, I suppose if it won’t kill me … lol.

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Dried Up

Yeah that’s how I have been feeling. Ever feel like that?

I have alll this stuff that I want to do, and NO time to do it in and I just feel so incapable of being creative.

It just bites. I can feel it in there, burbling away, and yet – it seems so far away and out of reach. I keep saying that I need to just force myself to just at least play … but ugh. I just seem to find excuses to push it off until I can’t.

I feel like I might actually get something started or finished this weekend so maybe I’ll finally get overr this little dry spell.

:::crosses fingers, knocks on wood:::

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Blah Blah Blah

I am getting more and more attached to this format. Yay. It’s clean, crisp, and will do well as a portal page.

I have a lot more to add, and just never enough time. I need to get ther new server up this weekend and it’s funny … all I want to do is sculpt. Figures, huh? lol

I just really want to get all these things in my life squared waway and finally get on the right track of my life, without having a bunch of crap weighing me down from my past mistakes. I dream of having a clean slate every second of every day and it’s a little depressing to know it’s likely just a fantasy. Sucks knowing it’s my fault too. But what can you do except square your shoulders, take a deep breath, and just keep on keeping on.

But man … I *really* need to move. And I so can’t afford it. But if I only had a better environment to be in, I swear it would go such a long way. Blah. Can’t change it so no sense to brood on it, right? LOL. I would give ANYTHING to be able to start with a clean slate and do stuff right this time, but sadly, it seems that will never happen in this life, so best to just suck it up and try to make the best of what is left.

Having to separate the feral kittens as I think it’s a girl and boy. I sooooo hope it’s not too late and that I can manage to get therm fixed soon!!

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The Mother Site Launches

Okay so I have an addiction for creating websites. And this domain, well, it was one of the VERY first ones I ever managed to nail down. So I have a soft spot for it. lol.

But … I had no real use for it. I kept trying to use it as a site for my art, but well, it’s just too bland or blah … or something. lol.

But it is my NAME … and amazingly enough, there are a LOT of “Alyssa Kay”s out there … and I have received a LOT of emails saying that they were trying to register this domain name and were surprised it existed and that there was someone else named Alyssa Kay.

For the record, my mother maintains that she invented this name. Yup. And she has been MAD at Alyssa Milano and the clothing designer named Alyssa for STEALING *her* name. Yup. So neener. LOL!

Age-wise though I think she’s right … I don’t think I’ve met another “Alyssa” older than me yet! (watch now you will all come out of the woodpiles, won’t you? LOL)

So anyway, this site I will use as “The Mother Site” – a portal blog that will link all my other sites together so at long last there will be a one stop place to find ALL my online pages, blogs, websites, etc etc.

I think I might be just a touch scared. LOL.

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