Arcane Moon Logo

This is a logo that I designed for our jewelry business, Arcane Moon as I also am a silversmith and lapidary artist.

I wanted something abstract that did not automatically define itself when the viewer sees it for the first time, to allow my jewelry to define the logo as opposed to the reverse. I enjoy that what people first instinctively see is a fish leaping from the water - we are both Pisces, so it works! lol.

But the logo actually is formed as a stylistic "A" and "M" (standing for both Arcane Moon as well as the initials of my name) and the tops of the letters form the peaks of the mountains, the "eye" of the "fish" is also a cave in one of the peaks of the mountains (where one might go to seek enlightenment and transformation during a spiritual journey) and was added to signify the spiritual path we have been undertaking.

The "legs" of the letters form the "valley", the curvature of the "bottom" symbolizes the world, our planet, and the ripples represent motion, water, fluidity, sacredness, the spirit realms, energy, life, vibration, karma "ripples" as in cause and effect, and the water that flows from the tops of the mountains - to our glorious oceans.

And the rain that hits those mountains is symbolized in the overall abstract "raindrop" shape that is about to hit the water below. The overall shape also is an outline of an abstract representation of a budding lotus in bloom, to symbolize all things flora as well as my spiritual path, as the Lotus Sutra is the sutra I learned as a Buddhist, and so it holds a special place in my heart and being for a variety of reasons.

So the logo represents the mountains and valleys and plateaus, the rivers (the lines of the crossing legs of the letters also represent rivers), the overall shape represents the world, water in all forms, and a fish and a flower - so all things in nature are present, and in motion.

Arcane Moon Logo