About Me

I’m a complicated person I guess, at least, I always seem to be more complicated than most. In that I mean I seem to create more work for myself than I actually need to, and yet … I’m sort of lazy. Figure that one out. LOL.

I love to laugh – and my main goal in life is to wind up at the very end … not regretting TOO much, having loved many people and learned as much as I could fit into this life, and to not be bitter about anything that didn’t go my way or for things that were done wrong to me, or for mistakes that I made. To be able to not harbor hurt, rage, disappointment, angst, misery, negativity, depression, bitterness, pettiness, and jealousy in my soul, heart, mind and psyche … that is an accomplishment! And it is a goal that I work on every hour of every day to get just a little bit better at.

Some days I succeed. Others … I fail.

But I get up, and I do it again. And again. And again.

Because truly, those things we best savor in life are hard won and hard earned. Right? Right.

I am also an artist. In many things I suppose. I enjoy art, in a myriad of forms and mediums and tastes and genres.

Favorites, you ask? Not me. I refuse to limit myself to only pick a few, and instead leave that door wide open for me to reap the beauty of what artists can pull forth from their minds and hearts, or of their muses, whichever that it might be.

I dabble … a lot. lol. I will play in whatever medium I can get my grubby little hands on … but then I am often afraid to really USE my supplies for fear of using them up and not being able to purchase more. Nasty little circle, that. lol. But I tend to be rather non-conformist in spirit and mind, and so I just try to listen to my little drummer to see if I can follow it’s beat.

I also SUCK at journals and blogs. Big time. I just do. I really wish I was better at it, but, well, I’m just not. lol

Hmm. I might write a little more about myself later, but that should do for now at least! 🙂

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