OMGGGG I found the Mushroom island movie!!


okay I have been trying to find out what this moive was ever since i stumbled across it as a child – it has stayed with me for near 30 years – all i knew was it was a movie about people that were stranded on an island for some reason and they had no food and when they ate this fungus – it turned them into a giant fungus monster.

Oooooh yeah – this is prime B movie HEAVEN folks.

Anyway – I had NO idea what it was called and over the few decades i’ve wondred what the HELL was that movie anyway? And would I ever find it again as an adult? There are two other movies that I only saw pieces of that have certain scenes burned into my brain – and I have NO idea what the heck they are from LOL.

So out of the blue spomeone says something to me and I go YEAHHHHHHHHHHHH GOOGLE! Because you know, Google is amazing for that.

And lo and BEHOLD – I found the movie!!

So now I MUST immortalize it on my blog and save it for myself so I can get the english dubbed version and watch it from beginning to end lol!

And what is the name of this delicious piece of B rated movie meat you ask?

Why none other than:

Matango: Attack Of The Mushroom People

Ahhh even the title satisifies.

Here is a link to the movbie online with english subtitles for those that soimply MUST view this iommediately:

Enjoy! 🙂

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