The Mother Site Launches

Okay so I have an addiction for creating websites. And this domain, well, it was one of the VERY first ones I ever managed to nail down. So I have a soft spot for it. lol.

But … I had no real use for it. I kept trying to use it as a site for my art, but well, it’s just too bland or blah … or something. lol.

But it is my NAME … and amazingly enough, there are a LOT of “Alyssa Kay”s out there … and I have received a LOT of emails saying that they were trying to register this domain name and were surprised it existed and that there was someone else named Alyssa Kay.

For the record, my mother maintains that she invented this name. Yup. And she has been MAD at Alyssa Milano and the clothing designer named Alyssa for STEALING *her* name. Yup. So neener. LOL!

Age-wise though I think she’s right … I don’t think I’ve met another “Alyssa” older than me yet! (watch now you will all come out of the woodpiles, won’t you? LOL)

So anyway, this site I will use as “The Mother Site” – a portal blog that will link all my other sites together so at long last there will be a one stop place to find ALL my online pages, blogs, websites, etc etc.

I think I might be just a touch scared. LOL.

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