A Banner for 2015!

Here is the latest banner that I have done …



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Dog Ads for the GCHH Dog Show Catalog


Here are the kennel ads that I designed for the catalog – all nice and big so that you can see them clearly!




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Sponsor Ads for the GCHH Dog Show Catalog

Here are the other ads that I designed and put together for the catalog …

EarthStar Reiki: Ad for GCHH Catalog Barb Lauer: Ad for GCHH Catalog

The donors page as it actually looked (unlike as it shows in the video) …My Ad for GCHH Dog Show Catalog!AlyssaAd

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GCHH July 2013 Dog Show Catalog

The following video is a video demonstration of the articles, judge bios, and ads that I designed and put together for the GCHH July 2013 Dog Show.


The covers, Show Shedule and other pages were designed by the other designer on the project, so I did not include those pages in this video, as I was just wanting to demonstrate my work as it looked in a printed (and web friendly) format.

However, the oddly spaced and sized font on the last page seems to have been changed by the resizing of the video during processing, not sure why it did that, it doesn’t look like that in reality.

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Busy busy busy life has been non-stop hectic this year!

Me in and out of the hospital, the other half in and put of the hospital my dad repeatedly winding back up in the hospital, along with a lot of other stuff has kept me away for a while.

But am working on a catalog for a dog show – and having a lot of fun with it! I should have plenty to post after it’s done here with the ads, articles, and bios that I laid out and designed soon!

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Banner for O.N.E. APBT

Latest banner …

ONE APBT banner

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Kennel Banner

Here is a banner that I did for InfallibullPitBulls …

Infalliable Pitbulls Banner

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Breeding Banners

Well the dog show world uses banners many times to announce their latest plans for their breeding programs, and a good friend of mine needed one so I told her that I’d throw one together for her (she is the breeder of our darling Tobias, our sweet APBT).

This is what the end result was:

Not too bad, if I say so myself! Especially since it’s my first stab at that kind of thing really.

So hey – if you are in need of a banner, feel free to contact me. I will accept payments through PayPal.


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Changing Gears

Well I’m changing this site up yet again … seems time to start exploring digital art and graphic design a little more since I am now going to school for my AA in Graphic Design at my dream college, the Academy of Art in San Francisco.

Seems a better use for this domain than a blog, especially since I almost never post blog type stuff lol!

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OMGGGG I found the Mushroom island movie!!


okay I have been trying to find out what this moive was ever since i stumbled across it as a child – it has stayed with me for near 30 years – all i knew was it was a movie about people that were stranded on an island for some reason and they had no food and when they ate this fungus – it turned them into a giant fungus monster.

Oooooh yeah – this is prime B movie HEAVEN folks.

Anyway – I had NO idea what it was called and over the few decades i’ve wondred what the HELL was that movie anyway? And would I ever find it again as an adult? There are two other movies that I only saw pieces of that have certain scenes burned into my brain – and I have NO idea what the heck they are from LOL.

So out of the blue spomeone says something to me and I go YEAHHHHHHHHHHHH GOOGLE! Because you know, Google is amazing for that.

And lo and BEHOLD – I found the movie!!

So now I MUST immortalize it on my blog and save it for myself so I can get the english dubbed version and watch it from beginning to end lol!

And what is the name of this delicious piece of B rated movie meat you ask?

Why none other than:

Matango: Attack Of The Mushroom People

Ahhh even the title satisifies.

Here is a link to the movbie online with english subtitles for those that soimply MUST view this iommediately:


Enjoy! 🙂

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